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bookCover2From the creative and highly imaginative author Sarah Kennedy comes a thrilling saga that unravels the ancient battle between the virtuous and the wicked that threatens to destroy all of humankind!

A single choice has left the entire world in chaos. Sgarrwrath comes bringing his Void into a world that has known only Light. The Time of the Prophecy has arrived. Even the Flame is divided. Now, all must choose a side. An epic revelation begins and no one will be left unscathed not even the mighty Guardians who have long protected all life.

Sgarrwrath: Prequel to Prophecy of Hope Flame is the most mysterious and powerful entity in the universe. It is life, power. . .everything or so Sgarrwrath believes. Possession of Flame is the highest ambition of his existence and he is determined to have it no matter the cost; yet Flame has always been the one thing beyond his reach.  Even the Guardians, in whose hearts Flame burns, who breathe and wield its power, have never seen its Source nor harnessed its full potential. They are content to serve the Light.

Darkness is alive.
In a strange sort of way.
Its substance is twisted and complex.
Some say it presses in, but true darkness is not so easy to spot.

True darkness begins with a thought. It kisses and whispers, and you let it in. It grows so easily in the deep, moist recesses of life; you scarcely recognize the trap until you are already locked in its cage, and all else is crushed, dominated, and silenced within the black. Such is the nature of darkness.

I should know.
I am that darkness

The award-winning Prophecy of Hope book series continues now with the release of Mhorag. A tale of magic, menace and great adventure awaits. An epic battle between good and evil is about to unfold. Read on!