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Sgarrwrath: Prequel to Prophecy of Hope

Arawn is not like the others.  He is young, untested, and he seeks more power though a prophecy reveals the predominance of the Flame belongs to another.   Arawn is easy prey for Sgarrwrath who lures him into Darkness to corrupt Arawn’s Flame to his will.  Arawn’s brothers, three powerful, incorruptible Guardians refuse to abandon hope.  They journey into Darkness, but how far will they go to save him? 

Arising: Prophecy of Hope Book 1

Darkness comes. A world hangs in the balances. The Time of the Prophecy has begun.  Lorshin— A cursed soul, wracked by guilt, plays a dangerous game with the Dark!  Cadclucan— Hiding and hunted, the Guardian of the Stone of Existence is the last of his kind remaining in the world.  Sgarrwrath— He is the ancient evil relentlessly seeking the eternal object of his forbidden desire and the means to dominion.  And a Disruption— A Human whose face shines like the.....