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This return to the saga weaves a tantalizing tale of supernatural forces increasingly embroiled in a war older than time.

Sgarrwrath’s quest for domination of the world is interrupted by his growing obsession with the object of his eternally forbidden desire. The entire universe hangs in the balances as desire culminates in a battle of wills that will either seduce a godling to evil or shatter his heart.

Through the annals of time all have felt thegodling’s presence.  All have desired him, most without realizing what they are truly seeking.  His existence alone endlessly pits the forces of Light and Darkness against each other for this thing called hope.  But now, one boy conceived on the night Flame falls from the sky is caught in the middle of this brooding war.  Upon his shoulders rests the fortune of all.  His name is Drakon Caladrius, to him both Men and Guardians bow, but will he even survive his mysterious infancy to become the Promised King?  Or will all hope die with him?

Mhorag, Prophecy of Hope Book 2  Coming Soon